Foals for Sale

We will be happy to provide pedigrees and additional information upon request.

N & D's LoneStar Shayla (Jennt)

DOB: 5-7-17
Birth Ht: 18 1/2"
Current Ht: Immature
Color: Black/very dark brown
Sire: LN Nitro Blast, 29" Black & white spotted
Dam: Fisher's Laverne's Shirley, 29 3/4" Black
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N & D's LoneStar Gypsy Girl (Jennet)

DOB: 2-9-17
Birth Ht: 19"
Current Ht: Immature
Color: Very dark brown
Sire: Fisher's Cayden Pac-Man, 29 1/2" Black & white spotted
Dam: Triple G Gidget, 28 1/2" Dark gray, NLP
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N & D"s LoneStar Butch Cassidy

DOB: 5-4-17
Birth Ht: 18"
Current Ht: Immature
Color: Brown & white spotted
Sire: N & D's LoneStar Little Honcho, 26" brown/gray
Dam: N & D's LoneStar Gorgeous Gigi, 29 1/4" Gray & white spotted
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